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Banks Collage is an organization dedicated to community.

Through sports and other active based entertainment events,

we strive to empower and unite the community. 


To unite and strengthen the community through sports and entertainment,

and to do so in a manner that is true to our values. 



One of our main focuses is to capture each moment by way of visual, audio and written expression

so that the generation to come can follow our traditions. 


We are in agreeance with the phrase "A body in motion stays in motion". We believe that every person is at their absolute best when the body and mind is in tip top shape and stress free. Our year round sports and entertainment events help to promote and execute this belief. 



We thrive to be a great example of a friend, family member and honest business.



We stand on our honesty to the community and believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equal. 



We give 100% of everything in our being to be better for the greater good of all.


History of The Banks Collage Basketball Association

The Banks Collage Basketball Association or BCBA is an extremely competitive men’s summer basketball league that was founded in 2010 by Damien Banks. Damien, having a love for basketball, noticed that the basketball courts in Charlottesville that were once filled with players of all ages while he was growing up were now empty. Seeing a need to bring basketball back, Damien started arranging pick up basketball games at The Dell. In addition to hosting the games, all games were also video recorded and stats and score was kept. Within a two year time span, five teams playing increased to eight teams. This increase came with a large fan base/spectator crowd. Due to the large crowd The BCBA attracted at The Dell, it was requested that The BCBA no longer occupy those courts. While this was unfortunate at the time, The BCBA soon found a new home at Benjamin Tonsler Park on Cherry Ave. With the increased space at Tonsler Park and player highlights in heavy rotation on social media platforms, hundreds of spectators from the community started to occupy the park every Sunday. This led to an increase in teams and attracted players, teams and fans from surrounding cities in Virginia. The BCBA takes pride in knowing that not only have the games united the community but also knowing that the league footage has assisted many of the players with getting into college and provided them the opportunity to play in semi pro basketball leagues overseas. The BCBA is currently in its 9th year/ 10th season and still going strong!

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